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DIY Your Jeans

Grow your sewing skills with this workshop! Let’s put the fun back into sewing. Wait! All my workshops are fun so the only thing missing is you. Join me and learn to turn your old jeans into a whimsical apron that will surely turn heads!

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Give the Gift of Sewing

A Savvy Sewing gift card is the perfect gift for any sewing enthusiast! Gift cards can be redeemed for workshops and private sewing lessons. The gift card will be delivered digitally to your recipient’s email address.


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Savvy Sewing Services


Private, in-home sewing lessons for teens and adults. Learn to sew from scratch or learn to sew a specific project at your pace.



Spark your curiosity in sewing by attending a community sewing workshop online or in person. Most workshops run for 2-3 hours.

$30 and up

Sip & Sew

Share the sewing experience with your friends in your home while sipping on a beverage of your choice. You'll learn the basics of using a sewing machine and finish the party with a project chosen by the hostess. Hostess receives a 50% discount.

Believe In YourSelf
What is Savvy Sewing?
So glad you’re here! The quality of your life is determined by how you feel before you show up every day. You can take pride in what you wear because you know your clothes were made with your own hands and it fits well! In addition to the boost of confidence, sewing your own clothes empowers you to have the fashion you want dishing out major dollars for the brand name  or struggling in the dressing room for hours. I promise to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to master the ability to sew clothes that fit and flatter your unique frame. Let’s get it!

Ready to start your Savvy sewing journey?

Are you tired of struggling in the dressing room?

Are you frustrated with not finding clothes to fit you?

Are the high-ticket clothes you want too pricey for your pockets?

Sewing your own handmade wardrobe may be the solution for you. Click the following button to be the first to hear about upcoming classes.

All Things Sewing

Learning to sew doesn’t default to sewing clothes. Like me, there are thousands of seamstresses who started sewing out of a desire to make unique home decor. Sewing comes in many forms. But know this, once you learn to sew and properly adjust a pattern to fit your unique frame, there are no limits to what you can create.


Basics to Savvy

Work with me one-on-one, with a small group, or virtually to start your sewing journey or learn to sew a new garment. From the basics of sewing to couture techniques to create well-constructed garments, I got you covered. 


Realistic Evaluation

Being realistic about your body and knowing your personal measurements is the foundation of sewing garments for yourself. With Savvy Sewing, you learn how to take your body measurements and alter a commercial pattern to fit you.


Personalized Instruction

There is no one way to sew. Everyone has a different learning style. Our goal is to find the techniques that work for you and help you grow.

Savvy Sewing Classes

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